Washington- Truck & Trailer Driver and Event Lead

Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Port Orchard, Bremerton

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Position Description

Our Trailer Drivers and Event Leads work as a part of the warehouse operations team, delivering our product and booth equipment to events throughout the state, ensuring safe operation of vehicles, and loading and unloading materials.

Essential Functions as an Event Driver includes:
• Drives vehicles, including truck and trailers (under 20’) for the purpose of delivering materials to events and returning them to the warehouse
• Maintains delivery vehicles (e.g. checking fluid levels, fueling, cleaning, etc.)
• Load and unload cargo and make sure the delivery vehicle and any associated equipment remain clean, tidy, and in good working order. Follow safe lifting practices and help colleagues lift extremely heavy items to avoid injuries. (Lifting 80-100lbs)
• Oversee delivery schedules and communicate with colleagues to ensure timely delivery of materials. Communication during traffic, leaving warehouse, and leaving events for delivery back to warehouse is required.
• Manage paperwork to ensure no materials are left behind at the warehouse or events.

Essential Functions as an Event Lead include:
• Responsible for on site set up, operations, and tear down of booth at events.
• Communicate with site contact and confirm booth location.
• Load and unload cargo from delivery truck.
• Answer customer questions
• Stocking shelves during events and communicating with other employees about inventory levels.
Skills and Qualifications
• Valid Driver’s License and Evidence of Insurability
• Ability to pass a background check
• High School Diploma
• 12-20’ Trailer experience required
• Adherence to safety
• Time Management
• Communication Skills
• Ability to pass a trailer skills driving test.

The Event Drivers and Event Lead position will mostly be Thursdays through Saturdays throughout the school year. We follow a quarterly schedule following typical school quarters. Throughout the quarter busy weeks are 30-40hours, non-busy are 15-30 hours. You will know well in advance what your schedule will be throughout the quarter.